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Hello everyone! My name is Riley Farmer, I am 20 years old, from Lenoir North Carolina, and a Freshman at Lenoir-Rhyne University. I am a Criminal Justice major with a minor in Psychology. Now that you know all the basic boring class info, let’s dig a little deeper.

I have many hobbies and interest, some just like those my age and others that make me different. Like normal 20 year olds I enjoy working out, sleeping as much as possible and spending time with my friends. But then theres more important hobbies that make me who I really am. I enjoy reading poetry, listening to alternative music, singing, and photography. Your typical “hipster” you could say. I make an effort everyday to do three things. Smile, laugh and be moved to tears. I once saw this in a famous speech given by a cancer patient. This has always stuck with me and I hope to continue to do this everyday until i’m no longer here. You see, by smiling and laughing you are bringing not only yourself joy but others as well. And lastly, being moved to tears, this one is the most important in my eyes. By being moved to tears you are exploring your emotions and becoming comfortable with them. It may seem simple but it’s a very important part of life, the older I’ve gotten the more I see the importance. Stay tuned to see what else you may find out about me.




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